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Paradigm shifts on the geopolitical landscape have been accelerated by Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The West’s involvement in Ukraine is at least twenty years old and may take another twenty as far as the military industrial complex is concerned. On Sep. 21 President Putin announced the partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists. Then the Nord Stream pipe lines and the Kerch Bridge were blown up. Amidst warnings by the Russian Minister of Defense that Kiev is planning a false flag attack with a dirty bomb, Putin signaled a peace message to Zelensky, who was fast to decline. In April 2022 Europol warned that NATO weapons aid to Ukraine is finding its way across the continent. Under the cover of tracking arms shipments an advance party of US and NATO military is moving into western Ukraine.

Alex Christoforou: UK training secret army (at 1:57 on Prevail Partners). Putin explains Kherson. Titanic Crimea stamp.

Because the media on the whole do not report about it, it may have escaped readers at large how normalized the use of private armies has become in today’s hybrid warfare. Whereas Erik Prince’s  private military company Blackwater USA still drew some attention during the Iraq war, the media have since become extremely quiet on that front. But mercenaries are here to stay for a number of reasons.

They offer Governments the cover of plausible deniability. And privateers can engage in actions that are prohibited for standing armies held to the “Just War” ethics (blog, archive) of the Geneva Conventions. The Grayzone defines it as covert terrorism, and it is close to that if civilians happen to be targeted (the attack on the Kerch Bridge was a wee bit too close for comfort), but look no further than the recent acts of sabotage suffered by the Russians in Crimea for legitimate military missions mercenaries can engage in.

Privateers have come a long way since Blackwater. The Wagner Group is engaged on the Russian side of the present conflict; and now we have the British Prevail Partners led by Chris Donnelly. According to the Grayzone Donnelly is a British military-intelligence agent best known for hatching the covert, Foreign Office funded Integrity Initiative information warfare program. Read all about that without the Marxism in MEDIA BATTLE: ‘CLUSTERS OF INFLUENCERS’ BEHIND FAKE NEWS HOAXES.

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