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Sometime between the 22nd and the 28th of May, and entirely under the radar, our Governments are meeting this week at the W.H.O. in Geneva to discuss a Pandemic Treaty as well as a Biden proposal to transfer national sovereignty on public health over to the World Health Organization and the World Bank. This anti democratic coup, called the International Health Regulations Amendment, can no longer be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. This is fact! Elected Governments are committing an illegitimate, treasonous assault on democracy and on our national sovereignty! Voting is taking place in Geneva, while the World Economic Forum is gathered in nearby Davos. Visit and

Glenn Beck Show: Reporter: I was FRISKED by the World Economic Forum’s police.

May 23, 2022: War Room Pandemic: Posobiec Targeted; Jack Posobiec DETAINED By WEF Police.

War Room Pandemic – Jack Posobiec: Detained by WEF at Davos.

There’s more weirdness about the WEF police force. What to think about the badge? What logo is this? Mountain goats with withering front legs? In the Andy Young thread a number of explanations. The mountain goats are not a reference to Satanism apparently, but a commemorative patch to an event in the Swiss Kanton of Graubunden, or something.

Art and culture is not forgotten either at the WEF confab. In the margins a demonstration a female Bob Ross is showing attendants how to paint with your *ss. Yes, it’s all very edifying!

But we move on to the experts on the plots being hatched today at the WEF and WHO. James Roguski has some good news to share. There is only one amendment left on the table. But the entire circus will be coming back to haunt us in November, neatly timed to coincide with the US midterm elections. The price of freedom is perpetual vigilance.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Standing Between a Globalist Empire and a Free Nation.

James Roguski: Staying Vigilant Against the WHO.

The spoiler of the day was the notorious former Secretary of State Henry Kissenger, of Real Politik fame. Today he injected some common sense into the debate that infuriated the belligerent Ukraine fan boys and girls, as he called for a negotiated settlement in land for peace. But the Russophobes are obsessed with only one thing. They suddenly discovered that the principle of a nation’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity is the ultimate value. It shows their hypocrisy as well as their lack of wisdom.

The Pyrrhic victory means nothing to these students of history! What good will a shattered country that is a total loss, do to the Ukrainian people? But wait. Zelensky has the sympathetic ear of Joe Biden, who will just tell the Fed to print more money. Zelensky has already handed in the bill: he needs only $5b a month to keep this racket going. The children and grandchildren of the deplorables will foot the bill.

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