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Sometime between the 22nd and the 28th of May, and entirely under the radar, our Governments are meeting this week at the W.H.O. in Geneva to discuss a Pandemic Treaty as well as a Biden proposal to transfer national sovereignty on public health over to the World Health Organization and the World Bank. This anti democratic coup, called the International Health Regulations Amendment, can no longer be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. This is fact! Elected Governments are committing an illegitimate, treasonous assault on democracy and on our national sovereignty! Voting is taking place in Geneva, while the World Economic Forum is gathered in nearby Davos. Visit and

Glenn Beck: EXPOSED: New W.H.O. health treaty could END U.S. sovereignty.

For proper understanding, this thing consists of two tiers. 1. The International Health Regulation Amendments and 2. the Pandemic Treaty. As David Horowitz explains Biden is using the amendments to get round the Treaty requirements.

The Covid-19 onslaught isn’t over as is shown by renewed fear porn over new strains in the fall and the monkey pox theatricals. The American midterm elections of early November are already calculated in.

As it happens we have the Davos crowd, that makes up the corporate partner in this ‘conspiracy’, also in session next week. Gee, it looks like this is all coordinated! We’re looking not at a black swan event, but a perfect, man-made storm.

War Room Pandemic: Dr. Robert Malone explains JYNNEOS and who is really funding these programs.

War Room Pandemic: Jeffrey Tucker: WHO Calls Emergency Meeting As Monkey Pox Cases Cross 100.

Monkey pox, rarely found outside west and central Africa, is now being reported all at once from places as far afield as Canada/US, Australia and the UK. The boils look pretty scary and seem to be designed for maximum fear porn. This fairly harmless disease is spread by sexual contact between men. What we know about the spread of MONKEYPOX so far (video).

Edward Dowd connects the dots for us:

War Room Pandemic: Ed Dowd: The Four Converging Forces That Will Destroy the Economy.

But there’s good news too if you’re in the US!

External reading:

  • The Brownstone Institute: Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year
  • NTI Paper: Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats – Results from the 2021 Tabletop Exercise Conducted in Partnership with the Munich Security Conference (PDF)

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