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The power grab by the WHO to supersede national sovereignty and democratic principles under the guise of liberal sounding, moral justifications as ‘for the good of humanity’ and ‘universal health care’ offers an opportunity to take another deep dive into the question why these global elites do what they do? Why is it in their interests to obliterate national borders and take us all into the horror of a global Government? PomoNews started as an investigation into this matter, which we titled at the time, ‘The Dystopia of Paradise’, describing how the wish to establish paradise on earth is invariably leading to a dystopia instead.

Globalism from the League of Nations to the WHO with Noor Bin Ladin and Jack Posobiec.

The investigation into the root of globalism brought us back to the Romantic Era, which was an reaction to the rational times of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment. And anti rational it certainly was! Although much older in origin, the idea of a universal Government in modern times can be traced back to the German Idealist, Immanuel Kant (1724-1804).

Kant is an example of the archetypal German reactionary, whose pedigree reduced to the root goes all the way back to the feudal Teutonic Order. Kant laid the groundwork for the fallacy of rationalism and the full blown subjectivism in epistemology we see today displayed in popular culture to the point that the very existence of objective reality itself is denied.

Kant was an austere Lutheran Pietist and a follower of the Platonist and St. Augustine schools. The individual to Kant represented little more than a miserable sinner in need of a strong master, only good as cannon fodder in the wars of his age, so that hopefully the wretch might emerge as a higher moral being. Needless to say the chances of that were very slim indeed.

Kant was also the promotor of a theme we hear so much about today: the concept of the whole of mankind as a species under one universal order of Government. You could say that Kant was the founder of internationalism. Those who admire the idea like to call it ‘rules based multi-lateralism;’ we call it simply globalism. It must be said that Kant was more intellectually honest then today’s postmodernists, admitting that his vision might in the end lead to the greatest tyranny imaginable. Which should be no mystery to anyone, if you think about it.

Kant foresaw a teleological progress towards an end-game by means of strife, war and discord culminating in world peace under a global Government, an international and cosmopolitan federation of states, awaiting the Day of Judgment. According to Kant this brings mankind as a species collectively to an ethically evolved order. This was the Hidden Plan of Nature, according to Kant.

While the thinkers of the Enlightenment expanded on the idea as laid out in the Treaties of Westphalia (1648) of free peoples in independent, sovereign, national states, anti-philosophers like Kant, Hegel and Marx propagated ‘ideal societies’, replacing God in the center of the Universe with the State, now synonymous with totalitarian dystopias of various varieties.

After Kant, the baton was taken up by G.W.F. Hegel and by Karl Marx after him, as well as the founding fathers of the League of Nations, the United Nations and the European Union.

The totalitarian architecture of the League of Nations Building in Geneva.

It is easy and a bit of a Leftie knee-jerk to reduce the interests of the global elites back to money. Of course, money comes into it, but that isn’t their first concern, since they themselves are already rich. But it is abundantly clear that the policies they propagate, certainly have the effect of making them even richer than they already are.

But financial profit is not what fires man’s moral values. Money does not do that, but power certainly does! The two are often confused. Power has such a corruptive effect, that people often forget they wanted power to realize a specific goal. That’s why power seekers often end up as villains, seeking power just for power’s sake.

We saw it on display this week in Davos. And of course they cover it up by lofty, Leftie moral preaching to the self-congratulatory choir: look at us how great we are!

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