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We are heading towards a perfect storm and it’s all man-made. Joe Biden’s first move right out of the gate was closing the doors on the fossil energy industry. Next came two years of Covid-19 pandemic resulting in economic disruptions, misallocations and money printing on an unprecedented scale. This was followed by the West erupting in hysteria over the Russian military operation in Ukraine, mindless cheerleading for its opportunistic president as weapons and capital disappeared into a black hole. Then the world was hit by run away inflation and a self-created energy crisis. What else could go wrong?

Aug. 27, 2022 The Duran: What will an EU economic collapse look like?

Zeus in Athens breaks down a week of horrible economic news in a couple of minutes. Some European decision makers have been preparing us for the news that the era of abundance is over, but how bad is it going to be? The oracle of Delphi provides some answers, but nobody knows in practical terms what the collapse would look like. None of us has ever had the experience.

We do well to understand the mind set of current corrupt, incompetent ‘leaders’. One of those in the green narrative — which is just about all of them — recently said the quiet part out loud (believe it was Buttigieg in the US): the higher fossil fuel prices go, the more attractive green energy becomes. And there we have it! We will just have to endure the pain, because this crisis is a unique opportunity for them to push through the green transition.

On top of that these neo libs are economic illiterates. They truly have no idea how economies work and what underlying principles, such as ‘price is truth’ makes markets tick. Apart of the narrative that pushes green energy there is very little rational thought leading present cohort of politicians. Their mental capacity is arrested at the level of adolescent school girls led by emotions rather than reason.

Aug 24, 2022 Paul Joseph Watson: Winter Is Coming.

When people are paying hundred percent of a shrinking salary (because of inflation) on food and electricity bills, how can an economy not collapse? Some Governments are subsidizing their way out of the energy crunch, but how long is that going to last without seriously affecting national budgets.

While they have always claimed to be on the side of the poor and the common man, what their attitude now shows is total callousness and inability for any empathy towards anyone affected by their fantasies, because they’re actually sociopaths led by ideology and dogma.

We must not forget what this is. It’s The Great Reset, stupid! The ruling class is blaming Russia for the catastrophe, but we will be well advised to remember that the collapse was set in motion well before the Russian special op in Ukraine. In fact, the genesis of the era of pain was the day after Joe Biden was sworn in, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline that left thousands of workers unemployed.

The second hour of War Room on Saturday Aug. 27 was so chock full of relevant information about the economic crisis and what can be done to get ahead of it, watching it in entirety is recommended.

Aug. 27, 2022 War Room: Episode 2112 with Steve Bannon, Erik Prince, Dave Walsh and Ben Harnwell.

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