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For two years Rudy Giuliani has been quietly investigating Joe and Hunter Biden’s role in Ukraine’s gas giant Burisma (link) (a recent video) (watch also Glenn Beck’s “The Final Piece“). Then thousands of Hunter’s emails were discovered on a laptop at a repair shop. The hard disk has been in the FBI’s possession since December of 2019. Film director Robert Davi made a movie about the ‘laptop from hell’ entitled “My Son Hunter”. A mere two days after the new, GOP led House has been sworn in, news leaked that a week before the November midterm elections the FBI learnt that Biden as VP to the Obama regime, kept classified material of the highest category in an office of his CCP UPenn Biden think tank in DC. A second hoard was found in a garage of his Delaware home and another 5 records in the home itself. And the classified docs kept coming. Only this time there won’t be an FBI raid on the President’s residence.

Jan. 23, 2023 War Room: Jeff Clark Slams The DoJ’s Double Standard On Trump And Biden’s Document Investigation.

As Kash Patel already predicted, classified records in Biden’s possession are appearing in all nooks and crannies of the Biden real estate. What’s more, all kinds of separate but related issues are emerging. Jeff Clark has one in the video above. Reading from WaPo:

"Early on Biden's attorneys and Justice Dept. investigators both thought they had a shared understanding about keeping the matter quiet".

This is the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation all over again! The two tier justice system in action. Nothing infuriates Americans more than this. Here’s Mike Davis on the cover up with a recommendation for Jim Jordan of the Judiciary Committee.

Jan. 23, 2023 War Room: Mike Davis: DOJ is Failing to Recognize the Severity of Biden’s Classified Material Theft.

Jesse Watters revealed last night on Fox News that Biden lawyers told the FBI which rooms could be subjected to search, since “the agreement was consensual”. Meaning, there was no warrant, or no probable cause to justify a warrant.

The documents related to Biden’s years as a Senator must be at least fourteen years old. The FBI searched the rooms for twelve hours and produced “six classified records among documents collected” (note the wording).

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