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The Great Reset will be achieved through Modern Monetary Theory: massive money printing followed by inflation or stagflation causing the collapse of the monetary system. This opens the way for the introduction of the digital currency. The Party of Davos does not care about misallocations because they will have total control by technological means over a centrally managed command economy. Consumers (if that word is still appropriate) and captive corporations are controlled by a social credit system otherwise known as ESG, complying with environmental, social justice and governmental mandates.

Glenn Beck and Adam Curry: How the War in Ukraine fast-tracks the Great Reset.

Glenn Beck and Adam Curry are talking about a variety of subjects, from New Podcasts and the war in Ukraine to the execution of the Great Reset by any means possible. Curry explains in very simple terms how the money supply system works. The freshly printed bank notes have to be funneled through a small number of Fed retail banks which explains how initially the overproduction could remain “inter bank” and why the Biden regime has been trying to push mega spending bills through Congress. Arming and assisting the war in Ukraine of course is a great outlet!

Eventually the tsumani of new printed money has to find its way into the larger economy; enter the crises: three or four tranches of Covid-19 handouts to individuals and small businesses, the Green New Deal, an open border with Mexico producing loads of illegal new citizens in need of support, the Built Back Better bill and with the destruction of Ukraine, plenty of broken stuff and broken families to compensate. It’s a shockingly cynical exercise and it’s unbelievably evil, but at least now we know where we’re at! 

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