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Gas pipe lines Nord Stream 1 and 2 connecting Russia to Germany have been sabotaged with the Danish Armed Forces concluding that the largest damage is 1km in diameter! The pipelines have been flashpoints in the escalating energy war between the EU and Russia. The Americans have always been against Germany allowing Russia to monopolize their energy needs. President Trump famously warned Merkel about this dangerous course of action. The German government said it is working with local law enforcement to investigate the act of sabotage. About that there is no dispute at this point. The only question is, whodunnit? Cui bono?

Sep. 30, 2022 War Room Battleground: Beattie, Posobiec, Koffler: Russia Annexes Parts Of Ukraine Just Before Winter.

In the last few days an interesting debate took place on the War Room between former CIA operative and Soviet dissident Rebekah Koffler, journalists of Polish descent Jack Posobiec and Matthew Tyrmand and former Trump speech writer Darren Beattie. Koffler recently posted a piece on Fox News that provides the initial framework for the discussion.

Five reasons why Russia is likely behind the Nord Stream industrial sabotage, by Rebekah Koffler

The big question is, which party benefits the most of the fact that the very tools for Germany’s access to cheap Russian gas have now been cut off, possibly irrevocably.

Koffler’s main argument why Russia attacked its own pipelines is, to sow discord and chaos and secondarily, “to get out of contracts”. Plus “Putin has always been looking for ways to attack infrastructure“. As if that is any difficulty, in case Russia wanted to.

Beattie rejects Koffler’s premises and points to the irrationality of the idea that Russia would willfully destroy its own leverage with Europe. It does not make any sense. Beattie has a special gift of looking at a particular subject from perspectives that do not seem to occur to anyone else. He blogs on Revolver News. This one has an interesting historical context.

World War III Anyone? Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Is One Giant Leap Toward Armageddon, by Darren Beattie

The debate was picked up the next day by Koffler (sketchy audio), Tyrmand and Beattie. In the second half Beattie basically dropped the hammer on Koffler’s five arguments.

Oct. 1, 2022 War Room – Darren Beattie: The Nordstream Pipeline Sabotage Was At The Hands of The United States.

So what else have we got to throw some light on the issue? In addition to Donald Trump’s warnings, Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland and Ron Johnson‘s condemnations of NS2 we have US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pointing out, we should not let this crisis go to waste!

It is notable that so far no one on the US side has outright denied involvement. As has been pointed out by Alex Christoforou, in the past the US has been double quick, like within the hour, to attribute false flag operations to the enemy. Here we have an entirely different reaction. Here’s Alex with more on the Blinken comments.

After the referenda in the four regions Zelensky in his usually performative manner officially applied for membership of NATO. But the rules do not allow a state embroiled in disputes to become a member. The Secretary General reacted rather coolly. Biden pointed out the US doesn’t want to go to war with Russia directly and he stressed the US will defend NATO territory to the last patch, with the emphasis on NATO territory.

For those with short memories. Zelensky is a puppet.

And a reminder of Biden’s secret phone call with former Ukraine President Poroshenko just two weeks into the Trump administration.

Grenell is reminding us that it was Joe Biden and the Senate Democrats that dropped the Trump sanctions on NS2. “It was the green light for Putin to go on offense..” Grenell may be right. Putin could well have interpreted that as a signal the US was not going to do anything about it.

The Russian Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin went on the record saying Russia already has materials that point to the role of the West in organizing and carrying out explosions at Nord Stream. Adding, “We are witnessing a gradual transition from a unipolar world to a multicentric one” (source).

Here’s the reaction of the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova (video).

Last week in the early days of the attack some suggested a different scenario altogether. Spengler is drawing attention to the Polish naval base Kolobrzeg (the former German Kolberg), just 100km south of the attack zone. Dances With Bears agrees. With a little more hindsight no one is currently considering any other perps than either Russia or the US.

And then there are Ukrainian interests as well to consider, which everyone seems to ignore.

In addition to the NATO command center in Ramstein, Germany the Pentagon is considering establishing a new command based in Wiesbaden, Germany in order to manage the training and equipping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The new command signals the Pentagon’s expectation to arm and equip Ukraine for years to come, reports the New York Times (source).

Germany’s position has become precarious. Many do not understand why they are taking it with so much understatement. We need to understand that the Government coalition dominated by the Greens, have no problem at all with the deindustrialization of their country. They too won’t let a crisis go to waste. But the base of the other coalition partner, the liberal party is made up of business interests. Expect trouble in paradise real soon!

More division was marked recently by the Bundestag voting 476 to 179 against weapons aid to Ukraine.

And then there was Putin’s speech in Moscow in which he appealed to Conservatives in the West, who have declared political war on the Liberal Democrat, woke onslaught on their cultural heritage. More on the speech in a threadreader page.

Hinkle on The Dive has more on the Putin speeches that took place on Friday in the Kremlin and on Red Square at a mass rally.

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