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Paradigm shifts on the geopolitical landscape have been accelerated by Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The West’s involvement in Ukraine is at least twenty years old and may take another twenty as far as the military industrial complex is concerned. On Sep. 21 President Putin announced the partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists. Then the Nord Stream pipe lines and the Kerch Bridge were sabotaged. In April 2022 Europol warned that NATO weapons aid to Ukraine is finding its way across the continent. Under the cover of tracking arms shipments an advance party of US and NATO military is moving into western Ukraine. Mid November the Russians completed a tactical withdrawal from the Kherson region west of the Dnieper River. With winter fast approaching there is speculation of a temporary freeze of the conflict, but it won’t last very long.

Nov. 24, 2022 Alex Christoforou: EU Parliament idiocy. Power outages in Ukraine & Moldova. EU oil price cap. 

Yesterday saw a temporary new height in the history of the postmodern clown world. The European Parliament on its own changed the definition of terrorism, designating Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. To these people words do not have any objective meaning anyway; so why not undermine their own beloved ‘rules based international law’ as a vehicle for propaganda?

Which is all the more egregious in the light of the moral hazardism of Zelensky in the recent week. He would gladly have thrust the world into a nuclear war with the persistent lie that Poland was hit by a Russian missile last week. Thankfully no one is buying the story. Biden almost immediately said it was a Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile that killed the two farmers in Poland. Zelensky has yet to apologize to Poland.

An AP reporter who repeated the Zelensky myth making was sacked for repeating it in an article. Alex has the story that makes no sense at all.

Nov. 22, 2022 Alex Christoforou: AP reporter fired for Poland missile story. NATO mission creep. 2 million migrants to EU.

Alex believes and he may well be right, that the globalist leaders are finally getting fed up with Zelensky’s moral hazardism and exorbitant demands. Some countries have donated so much military aid to Ukraine, their own arsenals have become almost depleted.

In the meantime it has become clear that the Russians are going to stop fooling around in Ukraine. The gloves have come off since the terroristic attack on the Kerch Bridge. Europe must brace for another tsunami of refugees coming their way. The Colonel has a reality check embedded in a historical perspective.

Nov. 22, 2022 Colonel Douglas McGregor: Ukraine is about to be annihilated.

McGregor stresses the different attitudes towards what constitutes state hood. While Europeans look at cultural differences and history, Americans tend to disregard all that. Borders are strictly a legal issue. A look at the history of the United States shows that lands can be legally bought, swapped or disposed of otherwise. Issues as ethnicity and culture seem nativist and racist in this concept.

A similar question is dividing Eastern countries like Russia and China and the West. The historical Westphalian system has been in place since the Peace Treaties of Munster and Osnabrueck in 1648. It deems all countries to be morally equal and sovereign. What its Governments do are their own business. On that basis the United Nations was founded after World War 2. Russia and especially China still adhere to the Westphalian principles. But not the West.

In modern liberal ‘international ethics’ no moral equivalent between authoritarian led countries and democracies exists. Hence the West’s pedantic attitude and the tendency to lecture countries like China about its human rights record. It is obvious that the two concepts of in international relations are mutually exclusive .


Here’s the latest update from McGregor. Those that believe the lies in the media and the nonsense coming out of the disinformation capital Kiev, are in for a rude awakening.

Nov. 25, 2022 Col. Douglas McGregor: Utter nonsense in Ukraine.

Postmodern leaders…what could go wrong?

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