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Transhumanism is a form of Postmodern Utopianism applied to biotechnology. The morality typical of every form of Utopianism, is that the end goal is so noble, that any method is acceptable to achieve it: in other words, the end justifies the means! Invariably its high priests demand sacrifices stacked up high on the altar of good intentions. The origins have been traced back to (Neo) Platonism and Gnosticism that view physical reality as unreal or evil, and the world of ideas as good and true. The Universe put on its head! Transhumanism is the final stage in the ideology that rejects physical reality and sees identity not as metaphysically given, but as freedom of choice.

Nov. 30, 2022 SNET: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Event: Everything Revealed in 10 Minutes.

Looks like humanity has crossed the Rubicon. While we can admire the sophistication of the technical developments and be glad about the benefits for paraplegics and stroke patients, we do have to think about the deeper and wider consequences. Because techies themselves are incapable of it.

Before we make any moral judgements let’s make sure what we are dealing with. Science and technology itself are morally neutral. Whether it’s good or evil wholly depends on the person wielding it. There is such a thing as doing evil without evil intentions or awareness. The problem here is, that our technical prowess by far outstrips our wisdom at this stage.

Dec. 1, 2022 War Room: Joe Allen Gives His Analysis Of the Neuralink Presentation.

The neuropathological benefits of linking our brains to the cloud are not what concerns us. It’s the mental and spiritual aspects that are alarming! You might be able to imagine downloading a language into your brain as Glenn Beck is explaining in this video.

Nov. 2, 2022 Glenn Beck: The TERRIFYING & AMAZING realities of brain chip implants.

It is much harder to fathom where all that data is being stored. It is not in a physical space in the brain, as materialists think. Not unless our brain box becomes x times the present size. Or alternatively, we could be permanently plugged into The Matrix, one shudders to think.

But here’s the thing. There is a difference between the brain and the intellect. Materialists are conflating the two perennially. The soul, they either deny or is also conflated with the mind and the brain. In fact, rationalists are clueless, yet they want to build autonomous robots and plug our brains into the matrix.

Where rationalists — and by extension modern scientists, educated in the Idealist Kantian tradition — make their fatal mistake is in confusing physical entities with ‘beings of reason’. Beings of reason are ideas; immaterial, mental entities to help us think. Examples are, zero and negative numbers, the dark (as the absence of light), or second intention mental constructs as ‘a golden apple’.

Ideas are not knowledge itself, but instruments of thought: ideas are that BY which we know things; they are NOT WHAT we know.

Joe Allen explains why the mysterious Book of Revelation seems to have foretold these sinister developments (video). Biblical scholar Dr. Taylor Marshall wrote the book on the subject and has a good clarification of the concept of 666 (video) (webinar). But what is the Apocalypse? This is from the Orthodox Wiki:

According to Tradition, the Apocalypse was written by St. John the Theologian, one of the Twelve Apostles, while he was in exile on the island of Patmos towards the end of his life. The book finally was accepted into the Canon after much dispute.
The Apocalypse, or the Book of Revelation, is the last book of the Bible, and in most traditions is believed to cover those events which surround the end of the world, and the Last Judgement. “We must have humility when approaching Scripture. Even some of the Church’s greatest and most philosophically sophisticated saints stated that some passages were difficult for them. 


The warning in this quotation emphasizes why we must be careful with modern interpretations. The context is the Roman world of the first century AD. The teacher who doesn’t agree with this approach at all is Father Ezra Ham in a course encompassing 27 episodes. Those who are interested can go through the entire playlist at leisure. It’s warmly recommended. Here’s the 1st episode.

St. Elijah Orthodox Church, Oklahoma City: Apocalypse – Episode 1.

Not being a Biblical scholar by any means, a better fit for Transhumanism seems to be the Fall of Adam and Eve, the Tower of Babel and other warnings from history in which pride comes before the fall. More about that in Beware of Nemesis!, part 2 in our series on Transhumanism: The Heretic Roots of our Culture in Crisis.

Father Michael Baggot has a rather balanced view on transhumanism. He also gives a comprehensive definition. Here he is with Matt Fradd on a roof top overlooking the St Peter in Rome. He also touches on the reason why transhumanism is particularly dangerous in the hands of people with one particular human trait: how easy it is to accumulate power for power’s sake. We see it all around us every day.

Dec. 3, 2022 Pints With Aquinas: The Unholy Future Transhumanists Want w/ Fr. Michael Baggot.

Father Michael shows us in the video another aspect where these scientists go wrong! As we have seen above, particular knowledge can only come via the senses. The content of our minds consists of ideas, and these are not particular knowledge of reality, but universal, immaterial concepts. A disembodied entity as Father Michael is describing is basically a ghost. In reality everything is particular. We draw our concepts from particulars in the real world.

Of course the techies will go ahead with the creation of humanlike supercomputers. But they won’t be capable of consciousness or cognition. And they won’t be able to create stuff, let alone ‘procreate’ entities smarter than themselves. Which will be a great relief to most of us. The singularity has been cancelled, as far as computer scientist and AI expert, Selmer Bringsjord is concerned.

Nov. 12, 2022 Discovery Science: Three Things AI Machines Won’t Be Able to Achieve.

In summing, why would we need AI or robots when we have an entire intellectual class, capable of the same kind of mental acuity?

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