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Transhumanism is a form of Postmodern Utopianism applied to biotechnology. The morality typical of every form of Utopianism, is that the end goal is so noble, that any method is acceptable to achieve it: in other words, the end justifies the means! Invariably its high priests demand sacrifices stacked up high on the altar of good intentions. The origins have been traced back to Platonism and Gnosticism that view physical reality as unreal or evil, and the world of ideas as good and true reality. The Universe on its head! Transhumanism is the final stage in the ideology that rejects physical reality and sees identity is a matter of freedom of choice.

Courtenay Turner Podcast: Dr. James Lindsay & Jay Dyer on the Gnostic Roots of Modernity. From the 30 minute mark onward. Entire podcast available on Courtenay’s Rokfin page.


Dyer brings up the interesting aspect of money, and lots of it. Many of these ideas, from Hegel and Marx on can be identified as progressive, and would have died a quiet death for their utter lunacy were it not for the capital behind it. The Catholic Church and other religious denominations were infiltrated and coopted by progressives and rich humanists like Rockefeller and hence onwards run as front and advocacy groups.

Common sense is for shop keepers and religion is for the masses, but the rich elites prefer dabbling in speculative philosophies and weird hermetic and esoteric pseudo religions. France produced a cohort of these thinkers. To mind comes Auguste Comte the founder of Positivism that turned science into a religion and George Sorel whose ideas on the power of myth in collectivism inspired Socialists, Anarchists, Marxists, and National Socialists alike.

James Lindsey recommends looking at today’s Hollywood stars who are into the same kind of things, Madonna being a ripe example. They put their capital behind these irrational intellectual currents. And then there are hyper rich ‘philanthropes’ like George Soros who has been able to infiltrate the American system of state by funding radical Marxist District Attorneys and Attorneys General.

It never occurs to them that the ideas are wrong. Therefore they are incapable of learning from their mistakes. There is no reverse gear. Hence, they double down when the policies fail. There’s nothing wrong with the idea, so we may have not done enough, or it must be the fault of the politicians who implemented it wrongly, or some other excuse. But failure doesn’t really matter! Lindsey explains that the entire idea behind the dialectic is to have one failed revolution after another until you reach the Eschaton.

Immanuel Kant, still a Christian, foresaw a teleological progress towards an end-game by means of strife, war and discord culminating in world peace under a global Government, an international and cosmopolitan federation of states, awaiting the Day of Judgement. According to Kant this brings mankind as a species collectively to an ethically evolved order. This is the Hidden Plan of Nature, according to Kant.

Hegel’s philosophy, now firmly in atheist territory, is similarly based on Judeo-Christian cosmology but is strongly reminiscent of Gnostic cosmology. God’s projection, a spirit called the Absolute, represents Creation which is seeking reunification with God. Its development through struggle and conflict by means of which it gets to know itself, is the story of the history of the world. The story ends when the Absolute – reunited with God – is achieving full self-consciousness.

Aug. 6, 2022 Jonathan Pageau, Michael Martin and Nate Hile on Esoteric Christianity.

Since Marx, the Judeo-Christian roots of these eschatological stories have been abandoned, but the mechanism and ideology still persists in the minds Transhumanists in the Woke Era in terms of technological and pseudo scientific sense until man will finally reach transcendency. Today they are waiting Singularity around the year 2035 when man will become immortal according to the calculations of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Recently lists have appeared on social media with members of the forum, among which are most Fortune 500 companies and scores of Western politicians, some of whom are actually holding power. The amount of capital amassed behind the effort is at this stage unfathomable.

Lindsey ominously predicts we are currently at some kind of inflection point which might as well be called “Green Terror”! Klaus Schwab and his minions shall be held to account at some point, but that’s small consolation for the misery their crackpot ideas about green energy and the circular economy are causing.

At this point they have literally reinvented slavery, for example by leasing tractors to farmers whereby the manufacturer still owns not just the tractor, but also the data it generates. Which inspired Schwab to the moniker that “you’ll own nothing, but you’ll be happy”. Ownership is in the hands of the corporate overlords.

It may have been a mystery why farmers are being singled out as a major danger to the environment; but by now it has become clear that this is beside the point. The actual target is food production. Which is why Bill Gates, Blackrock, WEF Bank Vangard and Monsanto are buying up so much farm land all over the globe, notably in Ukraine.

If you control the sources of energy, you control a nation; but if you control the production of food, you control the people. People are very rapidly catching on to what is happening. Schwab is very much in your grill when explaining what he’s doing: you may think it’s a natural process, but it’s really us doing the creating! He’s very clear about it.

Next episode on TRANSHUMANISM: THE HERETIC ROOTS OF OUR CULTURE IN CRISIS (5) ‘Dyer at this point brings up the role of the algorithm. It is a mathematical computer program, but they confuse it with immaterial concepts like justice. Can you calculate justice? No, but you can try equity!”

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