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A disturbing image is emerging from the fog of war on the various postmodern front lines. One of them is the cancelling, persecution and criminalization of anyone that does not profess to the established narrative and Truth of the Day. Two events stand as milestones on the road of Western descent into totalitarian territory: the cover up of investigations into the vaccination damages pertaining to COVID-19 and anything related to how the pandemic was (mis)managed; and the collusion of Governments with Big Tech against our freedom of speech.

Oct. 12, 2022 War Room: Dr. Naomi Wolf: Government Overreach Has Hit New Highs.

Recently Naomi Wolf sat down with Mark Steyn on Nigel Farage’s UK platform GBNews to talk about her investigations into vaccination damages. Wolf’s network of medical and legal volunteers investigated a dump of Pfizer documents that the pharmaceutical company originally sought to cover up for the 75 years, had not a Judge in US ordered their publication.

Wolf published the shocking findings of her network of volunteers in a recent book, “The Bodies of Others”.

This may be one of the interviews on GBNews that so offended the UK Communications Regulator Ofcom that prompted their investigation.

Oct. 4, 2022 GB News Mark Steyn Show: Dr Naomi Wolf says she was ‘denounced’ after linking women’s health problems with Covid jab in 2020.

Investigative journalists are not the only ones shut up by the power structure. Florida’s Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Lapado himself was denounced, smeared and cancelled for his recent report on the subject of vaccination damages. He said recently that the Left have become so attached to their fake truths that they ignore the data.

Oct. 12, 2022 War Room: Dr. Joseph Ladapo: The Left Have Become So Attached To Their Fake Truths That They Ignore Data.

This brings us to the next project we will post on these pages in the near future on Mattias Desmet’s book, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism”. Dr Ladapo’s diagnosis matches exactly the psychological syndrome described by Desmet, the Mass Formation phenomenon. More about that in future posts.

The final piece of the puzzle is provided by another investigative journalist, Julie Kelly on the collusion of the FBI with Big Tech. Kelly reported yesterday the FBI has an actual liaison officer who tells Facebook and other social media exactly what and whom to censure.

This FBI agent based in the Silicon Valley and working with social media companies to censor what you see on their platforms has a long history of blocking and tackling for his Democratic bosses.

But it is not just the Government that is colluding with Big Tech to shut down dissent. Former New York Times journalist and author who turned against pandemic policies, Alex Berenson told Tucker Carlson how he got thrown off Twitter. Turns out it happened on the request of Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb.

Oct. 13, 2022 TCT: Alex Berenson: Former FDA Commissioner & Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb Behind Twitter Ban.

The above tweet is about a recent hearing in the European Parliament that Pfizer CEO Bourla declined to attend. Instead he sent a surrogate, Ms Small. Can anyone explain what the heck is “the speed of science”?

To be continued.

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