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A disturbing image is emerging from the fog of war on the various postmodern front lines. For example the open acts of treason committed by Deep State moles in the Trump administration. They do not even try to hide it. They brag about it in articles, books and on podcasts, boasting about how they served n the Trump administration with the sole purpose of spying on the President and subverting his policies. President Trump was not served well by his officials; they betrayed him at every turn. Most of them originated or were lodged in the departments most dear to his heart: the military and in the Pentagon.

Oct. 20, 2022 War Room: Seb Gorka On The Military Junta That Attempted To Subvert President Trump.

Donald Trump has a special place in his heart for the military. It is therefore particularly bitter that the worst snakes in his administration were in the military. General John Kelly acting as his Chief of Staff far exceeded his mandate, guarding the Oval Office as if he owns the White House.

And the worst of them all, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who in regular contacts with his Communist Chinese counterpart told him he would give him the heads up should war break out between the US and China. He made a pact with Defense Secretary Mark Esper to betray and sabotage the Commander in Chief.

Gorka: “I listened to that Democrat podcast with the authors of “The Divider” book about President Trump, and you hear it right there…. Milley said, “I didn’t resign so I could subvert the President from the inside because he was the greatest threat to America.’“… A fat disgrace to the US Army uniform whose never been elected said the man elected by 62 million Americans and then 74 million Americans is the threat to America… No no no. He’s a threat to you.”

Gorka explains how and why things could go so wrong in the highest echelons of the bureaucracy. After the weather, they consider President Trump’s MAGA movement the greatest threat to the Republic. That provides them with the moral cover to scheme, spy, subvert and betray the democratically elected President, including their own Oath of Office.

Woke ideology is in elite colleges and universities where it slithers its way to the top offices in the country. You won’t find it in folks who earn their living in reality, like plumbers, salesmen and farmers.

A military man who did not betray his President, but was deceived by the former Director of the FBI himself, was Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Oct. 20, 2022 War Room: Michael Flynn And Vic Mellor Join WarRoom To Discuss PBS Hit Piece.

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