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In 2021 President Trump established a new “Office of the Former President” that will manage his public statements and appearances. On the same day Facebook announced Trump would not be allowed back, Trump made a come-back with an interactive blog. More recently the 45th President announced the formation of the TMTG Corporation and the TRUTH social media platform for Apple, Samsung and web. Truth Social is shortly expanding to the UK. Trump’s new book “Our Journey Together” is available on

RSBN Live stream.

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, hosts a “Get Out the Vote Rally” in support of endorsed candidate and special guest Senator Marco Rubio in Florida, where his 2022 endorsement record is currently undefeated, 19-0.

President Trump delivered a historic red wave for Florida in the 2018 midterms with his slate of endorsed candidates up and down the ballot and molded the Sunshine State into the MAGA stronghold it is today. Thanks to President Trump, Florida is no longer a purple state; it’s an America First Red State.

Timeline of Events:
8:00AM – Parking Lots, Vendor Row, and Registration Open
12:00PM – Doors Open
2:00PM – Special Guest Speakers Deliver Remarks
5:00PM – Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks

Nov. 6, 2022 RSBN: FULL SPEECH: President Donald J. Trump Holds Rally in Miami, FL.

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