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The unifying element in the Make America Great Again (MAGA) Movement is nation and national interests first. They have other values in common, such as the restoration of borders, defense of individual and democratic rights, law and order, cherishing the working and middle classes, building up and repatriation of the manufacturing base, energy independence and a number of other values and policies. In Foreign Policy the attitude is anti globalist, but the movement may differ on other issues like the war in Ukraine, the sanctions against Russia, position in China versus Taiwan and a number of other issues.

Sep. 29, 2022 Jackson Hinkle: EU Faces BIGGEST CRISIS Yet: Meloni.

The War Room had another exclusive interview with Archbishop Vigano about the current political situation in Italy.

Some Considerations on the Current Political Situation in Italy

THE NEW POLITICAL SITUATION that emerges from the recent elections confirms the common feeling of the electorate that some were able to grasp in advance. After two years of disturbing violations of the most elementary rights, and after two governments that have shown us that they are simply obeying the orders of supranational entities who act against the interests of Italy and the Italian people, the vote that has brought into power the so-called Center-Right led by the political party Fratelli d’Italia has unequivocally expressed support for a precise political line that goes far beyond the modest proposals of the program of the coalition parties. (More)

Sep. 26, 2022 War Room: Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins: Giorgia Meloni Overcame Numerous Personal Attack.

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