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The Great Reset will be achieved through Modern Monetary Theory: massive money printing followed by inflation or stagflation causing the collapse of the monetary system. This opens the way for the introduction of digital currency. The Party of Davos does not care about misallocations because they will have total control by technological means over a centrally managed command economy. Consumers (if that word is still appropriate) and captive corporations are controlled by a social credit system otherwise known as ESG, complying with Environmental, Social and Governmental mandates. More on “Against the Great Reset” on Michael Walsh’s

Ben Harnwell On The One-On-One Interview With Archbishop Viganò, Corruption of Authority.

The War Room’s international correspondent, Ben Harnwell residing in Rome, yesterday had an exclusive interview with retired Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. He served as the Apostolic Nuncio (Embassador) to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016. He previously served as Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City State from 16 July 2009 to 3 September 2011. He is best known for having publicized two major Vatican scandals (Wiki) and is a outspoken critic of globalism and the Party of Davos.

He talked to Harnwell about Covid-19, Big Pharma, the war in Ukraine, the what he calls ‘silent coup’ — the Great Reset by the party of Davos and its minions, transnational institutions like the United Nations, the EU and yes, the Catholic Church under the current usurper Pope who is clearly in the service of liberal globalism in all its forms. The Archbishop has the true Christian spirit that has made place for the wrong kind of respect for authority.

On Covid-19:

“We cannot think that millions of doctors all over the world have lost their basic knowledge of the art of medicine, believing that a flu should be allowed to evolve into pneumonia and then be treated with tachypirin or by placing patients on ventilators. If they have done this, it is due to pressure – even to the point of blackmail – by health authorities over medical personnel, with the help of a scandalous campaign of media terrorism and with the support of Western leaders. Most of these leaders are members of a lobby – the World Economic Forum – that trained them and placed them at the highest levels of national and international institutions in order to be certain that those who govern would be obedient. “

Ben Harnwell On The One-On-One Interview With Archbishop Viganò, Criminal Design of the Pandemic.

Asked if these global phenomena are a matter of chance, incompetence or design, Viganò does not hesitate to point out that:

“…what baffles me is noting with what impudence the proponents of the Agenda 2030 have told us well in advance which criminal projects they intended to impose on us against our will; despite this evidence, there are those who are amazed that after years of unstoppable infiltration they are actually realizing their plans right in front of our eyes even as they accuse us of being “conspiracy theorists.” There is definitely a conspiracy, but the ones who must be put on trial are the ones who have carried it out, not those who denounce it.”


To think that there is no relationship between the instigators of these crimes and those who carry them out at the highest levels of national governments, the EU, and the UN is a sign of bad faith, because even a child could understand that we are held hostage by a group of technocrats who are ideologically deviant and morally corrupt. The peoples of the world need to reclaim their sovereignty, which has been usurped by the globalist elite.

Ben Harnwell: The Covid Pandemic Was “Planned and Managed”.

Asked for his advice how to get out of this dead end, there is another lesson on respect for authority:

“Respect for authority is connatural to civilized man, but it is necessary to distinguish between obedience and servility. You see, every virtue consists of the just mean between two opposite vices, without being a compromise, but also as the peak between two valleys, so to speak. Disobedience sins by falling short, not wanting to submit to a good order of a legitimate authority; servility on the other hand sins by excess, submitting to unfair orders or orders given by an illegitimate authority. The good citizen should know how to disobey civil authority, and the good Catholic how to do the same with ecclesiastical authority, disobeying whenever the authority demands obedience to an iniquitous order.”

Viganò mentions a third element: all these false crises are used as a weapon for the establishment of totalitarian regimes, “conceived by unelected technocrats who are devoid of any sense of democratic representation”. “Heads of government act as if they have the complete support of their own nations, supported by embarrassing falsifications of reality by the mainstream media. And in certain countries such as Italy, this is taking place in a situation of disturbing complicity by all the powers of the State.”

The retired Archbishop ends the interview with words befitting a Man of God:

“Let us pray therefore that what the Psalmist sings may be realized: Laudate Dominum omnes gentes; laudate eum omnes populi (Ps 116:1)– Praise the Lord, all you nations, praise him all you peoples. Quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia ejus; et veritas Domini manet in æternum (Ps 116:2) – For his Mercy is confirmed upon us, and the Truth of the Lord remains forever.”

Amen. Read it all!

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