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The Great Reset started in banking, but eventually will affect every sector in the global economy. Modern Monetary Theory and massive money printing followed by inflation or stagflation causing the collapse of the monetary system, opens the way for digital currency. Through it, the Party of Davos will control every aspect of the centrally managed command economy. Consumers (if that word is still appropriate) and captive corporations are controlled by a social credit system known as ESG, complying with Environmental, Social and Governmental mandates. ESG in agriculture is presently causing vulnerable developing countries like Sri Lanka to collapse and triggering farmers’ revolts all over Europe. More on “Against the Great Reset” on Michael Walsh’s

Nov. 22, 2022 War Room – Reggie Littlejohn: We Are About To Enter A Digital Gulag.

In recent days we saW a plethora in transnational confabs plotting digital controls on national populations in the G20, the B20 and COP27. Different confabs, same people, same ends. They are all in for the Chinese model they admire so much for its effectiveness. State Fascism (Government + Corporatism) combined with social control by biotechnological means.

Reggie Littlejohn has started a campaign to stop these anti democratic and unauthorized coups that want to enslave us. You can sign up for her campaign on

Nov. 22, 2022 War Room: Dave Walsh On COP27 Reparations: This Will Completely Compress Advancement For Third World Countries. More.

CBDCs are digital currencies. ‘Climate’ and ‘slavery reparations’ are causing the flow of capital from North West to South East. Or more precise, it’s the wealth of Western middle classes funneled to third world dictators. It’s Socialism on the global scale.

Joe Allen, the War Room’s correspondent for everything transhumanism is throwing light from the perspective of biotech.

Nov. 22, 2022 War Room – Joe Allen Discusses Digital Vaccine Passport And Currency System Brought To Spotlight At G20. More.

Living in the postmodern paradigm, we tend to think of these developments as different, unconnected things. But as Allen explains the entire technological onslaught can be summed up as Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. More articles and information by Joe Allen. Everything is connected!

Allen is pointing to new buzz words we are well advised to internalize: ‘long-termism’ is the new epithet for transhumanism and ‘effective altruism’ is the fraud sprung on us by the likes of Sam Bankman-Fried in the FTX scandal.

We have been tricked and groomed to think of such technological developments as inevitable and unstoppable metaphysical processes. But in fact, they are entirely man-made, meaning we have a choice whether to pursue them or not. But since no one seems to notice or even care that science and technology are outside the realm of moral choices, there is indeed no one to stop them. Unless we do.

The Future is not just happening. The Future is build by us“.
~~Klaus Schwab

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