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The Great Reset started in banking, but eventually will affect every sector in the global economy. Modern Monetary Theory and massive money printing followed by inflation or stagflation causing the collapse of the monetary system, opens the way for digital currency. Through it, the Party of Davos will control every aspect of the centrally managed command economy. Consumers (if that word is still appropriate) and captive corporations are controlled by a social credit system known as ESG, complying with environmental, social and governmental mandates. ESG in agriculture is presently causing vulnerable developing countries like Sri Lanka to collapse and triggering farmers’ revolts all over Europe. More on “Against the Great Reset” on Michael Walsh’s

July 15, 2022 War Room: Michael Yon: Farmers Protesting Across The Globe Are ‘Making Final Stand’.

It took a very, very long time for anybody in the Netherlands to rise up against the liberal fascist Governments of PM Mark Rutte. Actually this is the 4th coalition he is presiding over since 2010, getting gradually worse each time he took the reins. Democracy is virtually dead. Parties that would be normally exclude each other, are joined together in their hatred for two very popular populist parties. It’s a trick we see performed all over Europe. It doesn’t matter what Government you cobble together as long as the populists are excluded. The result are dysfunctional democracies.

That’s not how the globalists see it of course. Their warped view of reality has lead the WEF to release a position paper last Monday that inexorably links two claimed global crises as one – “climate change” and the “decline of democracy.” It says fighting the former can save the latter as long as consumers stop burning coal, oil, and gas in exchange for green renewables (more on Breitbart). The analysis is insane in it’s fallacy!

July 15, 2022 War Room: Jeff Brain, CEO of Clouthub: The Global Farmers Protest Will Be ‘Largest Push For Freedom In History’.

The Dutch farmers revolt is metastasizing and has led to truckers, fishermen, firemen joining in and inspiring similar protests in Germany, Spain and Italy. Not everyone as yet agrees about the reason the farmers are driven off their land. Yon in the video mentions Tri State City which may be one reason, basically turning the entire country into an urban hub. The website states emphatically that their ‘model’ has “no relation with the environmental policies of the Netherlands Government” so you can bet your bottom dollar that it has!

And then there are the ‘conspiracy theories’ about Blackrock buying up the farmland, which is not so far fetched given that Blackrock is buying up every brick of real estate it can find globally, letting it back to us for exorbitant rents, while Bill Gates presently ranks as one of the biggest land owners in the United States for reasons best known to himself.

All the above may be true and doesn’t exclude one another. Fact is that these liberal globalists are urban progressives who believe that food comes from factories anyway and can be cheaper produced outside of Western Europe. Hence their obsession with Ukraine which they have singled out as a great new heartland for these ‘dirty’ agricultural activities. The Netherlands can be turned into a Food Innovation Hub for the production of fake meat, edible bugs and tasteless hydroponic cucumbers. Who said liberals have no vision?!

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