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The annual World Economic Forum confab in Davos is upon us, where heads of corporations are hobnobbing with Governmental and political leaders to set out a course for the short term and long term future. Over us, without us, through us. These are open attacks on democracies as we got to know them. In fact, it is the very definition of fascism. Their favorite subjects include ‘the global system’ and the world economy, climate change and the closely related issue of energy; banking, the UN’s sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030, the pandemic response and fast vaccines, means to influence opinion and censoring, artificial intelligence, issues regarding war and peace, biometrics and other security issues and generally anything that gives them better control of the world population. Theme this year is “Cooperation in a Fragmented World” (or, how to get central control while the globe is ruled by nations).
*See also the permanent notes.

Jan. 20, 2023 War Room – Naomi Wolf: COVID Was A Pretext For The Medical Matrix That Globalists Hope To Force Upon The World.

There is some post confab news, alarming enough to warrant an extra posting.

In above video Naomi Wolf explains the value of Big (Medical) Data to all kinds of organizations, health care of otherwise. Because data are facts and minimizes risks. But remember how in the early days of the Internet almost any basic service was ‘free’, until people found out they themselves or more precise, their data was the product.

Logo of an existing medical care provider.

Jan. 20, 2023 War Room: Noor Bin Ladin On Reports On Final Day Of Davos: Tony Blair ADMITS To Worldwide Digitalization Plan.

Matthew Peterson of www.NewFounding.com is advocating a radically alternative economy.

Jan. 20, 2023 War Room – Matthew Peterson: The Left’s Woke Capital Must Be Replaced If We Hope To Have An American Economy.

Michael Knowles introducing “safety by design”, another totally satanic, globalist coup against our God given freedoms. It takes the enforcement of liberal ‘safety’ regulations out of the hands of curators, front loading them directly into the design code of the platforms.

Jan. 19, 2023 Michael Knowles: These Global Elites Just Want To Destroy Everything.

The boys of The Duran have some good news!

Jan. 20, 2023 The Duran: Real World Leaders Avoid Davos WEF.

Day 4: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

War Room Battleground yesterday was almost entirely dedicated to Davos and the subject of AI and transhumanism. It is like the climate, in that it touches almost every single aspect of human life. Watch it here:

Jan. 19, 2023 War Room Battleground: The World Economic Forum And The Rise Of AI, with Joe Allen.

Noor Bin Ladin’s report from Davos. These globalists believe ‘polycrises’ are their lunch ticket to world domination!

Jan. 19, 2023 War Room – Noor Bin Ladin: Globalists View Crises As Only Catalysts To Their End Goal Of Complete Domination.

Buhbye, until next year!

Day 3: Focus on Climate, Mental Health and Ukraine

Savanan Hernandez has reported that a key focus of the WEF is mental health. It stands to reason, with kids growing up in meaningless environments and the existential anxiety about climate change. Not that WEF has anything to improve mental health. It means they have kids in their clutches from an increasingly early age and bombard them with satanic messaging and more nihilism. From there on, assisted suicide is the final step towards the depopulation they aspire to.

Jan. 18, 2023 War Room: Davos’ Common Panel Theme Is The Digitization of Our World Through Crises, Noor Bin Ladin Reports.

Jan. 17, 2023 War Room: Harnwell: Ukrainian First Lady Olena Tenpercentska Berated The Davos Elites For Not Giving Enough.

Ben Harnwell explains the obsession of the Davos set with Ukraine: it’s a great grift opportunity, good for the next decade at least! Meanwhile the War Room’s international editor in Rome has a profile in Foreign Policy Magazine, one of the most prestigious news outlets in globalist circles. War Room Rome is broadcasting daily on Gettr @Harnwell

External reading

Foreign Policy Magazine: Steve Bannon’s Man in Italy Has Big Plans (link)

Jan. 17, 2023 Glenn Beck: 4 World Economic Forum ‘theories’ that just might be TRUE.

And with that we’ve reached the funny pages. Alex Christoforou’s video has a number of hilarious quotes uttered from the Davos forum. The good news: Schwab knows his little elite club is the subject of ridicule. Watch the video.

Jan. 18, 2023 War Room: “The Oscars For Globalists Politicians”: Taunton Explains Davos’ Strategy To Attract The Elite.

Journalist Larry Alex Taunton has a few great observations on the Davos circus. Here’s the entire thread a Threadreader page.


Jan. 17, 2023 War Room: Noor Bin Ladin Live From Davos.

The Schwab midget has been launching a new concept this morning: ‘polycrisis’ (or would that be plural, polycrises?). Perhaps he is referring to the clusterf*cks with which he hopes to create globalist opportunities.

The theme of this year’s confab — Cooperation in a Fragmented World — is extraordinarily well chosen. This means cooperative efforts in ‘a fragmented world’, the latter referring to the horrors of national sovereignty. Centralized power is the most dangerous thing thinkable. But centralized power in the hands of globalists is assured destruction without redemption. Heck, even Immanuel Kant had the common sense to call it the road to the greatest possible tyranny.

Here’s the tweet Noor posted originally on Gettr about the Mykhailo Fedorov’s vision of liberal Ukraine in 2030.


Jan. 16, 2023 Redacted: WEF Globalists gather in Davos with STUNNING new plans to control us.

As Natali Morris explains in the video above, the W.E.F. has been busy rebranding their most repulsive causes. The New World Order and The Great Reset have become re-globalization, mind control/psy-ops/info war is now “brain transparency,” but wrong-think framed as mis/dis information has been prolonged new speak for 2023. The means to track your movements are called passports, designed for your convenience of course. Oh, and war = peace.

Few media have been approved by the Schwabies, but the one woman operation of Noor Bin Laden might just be able to get away with infiltrating the confab and reporting back to us.

Jan, 16, 2023 War Room: Noor Bin Ladin Reporting Live From Davos: How The World’s Elite Are Increasing Their Control.

@NoorBinLadin is also reporting live from Davos on Twitter and Gettr.

Jan. 16, 2023 War Room: Steve Cortes on the Economic Mismanagement in Washington.

Steve Cortes is explaining here how the globalists’ predatory economics have led to the top one percent receiving two thirds of the new wealth created since 2020 when Joe Biden took over the reign of the world’s leading economic power.

Jan. 16, 2023 War Room: Noor Bin Ladin Gives Update on World Economic Forum Live from Davos.

From a slightly warmer location Noor Bin Ladin is also commenting on the rebranding of concepts like The Great Reset and Build Back Better which have now become so thoroughly tainted, they had to be discarded in favor of more effective info war nomenklatura. Although it must be said that Klaus Schwab himself never made secret about his end game in his books Covid-19: The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Narrative.

The globalists constantly moving the goal posts has made it necessary to keep track of their discarding, rebranding and relaunching of concepts. Here’s a permanent note on ESG and the original plans for resetting the world under the combined centralized power of globalists in industry and governance.

*Permanent note: The Great Reset started in banking, but eventually will affect every sector in the global economy. Modern Monetary Theory and massive money printing followed by inflation or stagflation causing the collapse of the monetary system, opens the way for digital currency. Through it, the Party of Davos will control every aspect of the centrally managed command economy. Consumers (if that word is still appropriate) and captive corporations are controlled by a social credit system known as ESG, complying with Environmental, Social and Governmental mandates. ESG in agriculture is presently causing vulnerable developing countries like Sri Lanka to collapse and triggering farmers’ revolts all over Europe. More on “Against the Great Reset” on Michael Walsh’s ThePipeline.org.

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