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The BRICS countries — Brazil, India and South Africa, Russia and China — recently met to discuss the idea of an alternative reserve currency to replace the dollar. It’s not new, but the idea is getting wings as the US is seen to exploit its position by debasing the dollar. Countries holding dollars have become unhappy with the Fed inflating the value of the currency, in effect exporting inflation. Led by Russia, a second, alternative power bloc is emerging in opposition to the liberal West that comprises more than half the planet’s inhabitants.

Aug. 16, 2022 Russia’s President Putin addressing the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security. Full address without translation.

Liberals in the West can hardly believe other cultures would reject their degenerate form of social ‘liberty’ and economic globalism, but they do! Western Europe may have bowed to neo liberal totalitarianism, but the rest of the world is resisting.

Liberty in the West has become something like, do whatever arbitrary impulse enters your mind, instead of self-government. In fact, they are giving liberty a bad name for those ignorant of its true meaning. Vladimir Putin has become a strong spokesman for their point of view.

Alex Christoforou has more on the speech by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu.

Aug. 16, 2022 Alex Christoforou: Shoigu, NATO knows we are winning. SWIFT competition. France leaves Mali. Iran 2, Greece 0.

Aug. 18, The Duran Q&A: Putin takes on Globalists (Live).

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