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We are heading towards a perfect storm and it’s all man-made. Joe Biden’s first move right out of the gate was closing the doors on the fossil energy industry. Next came two years of Covid-19 pandemic resulting in economic disruptions, misallocations and money printing on an unprecedented scale. This was followed by the West erupting in hysteria over the Russian military operation in Ukraine, mindless cheerleading for its opportunistic president as weapons and capital disappeared into a black hole. Then the world was hit by run away inflation and a self-created energy crisis. As Sterling nose dived and Liz Truss’ unbacked tax reduction program was rejected by the markets a Government crisis erupted in the UK. After losing her Treasury and Home Secretaries, PM Liz Truss resigned.

Oct. 22, 2022 The Duran: Boris plots return, but regime change plotters want Keir Starmer.

So what’s next? In her resignation speech Truss said she will stay on until the Tory Party has found another Prime Minister through another leadership contest.

The good news is that the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt is out. But since we are watching a live globalist coup in slow motion, the chances are that things will only get worse from here on.

Only last night a poll was published revealing that 36 percent of Tories would prefer Boris Johnson back. He’s still popular in the party and apparently he’s willing to consider it. The comedy is turning into a tragedy. BREAKING: BoJo, currently in the Caribbean, has confirmed he will stand! The question is, will he make the threshold of a 100 votes?

Oct. 20, 2022 War Room: Nigel Farage: The UK Has Fallen Into The Hands Of The WEF After Liz Truss’ Resignation.

Opposition leader Keir Starmer is calling for general elections enabling Labour “to form a stable Government”. Labour is up in the polls. While Truss wanted to “freeze energy bills for two years, launching a dash for North Sea gas and restart fracking in a bid to tackle spiralling energy costs” (source), Labour has already committed to a ban of fracking. BoJo followed a “net zero” policy by 2030 for homes.

What present cohort of postmodern educated politicians fails to understand is that economy depends on cheap, ubiquitous energy. You can’t run a healthy economy, big or small, on on/off green energy . Liz Truss was fast to blame Putin for her economic troubles, but the truth is that the currently predicament has been caused by the West’s own sanctions on Russia, Europe’s chief gas supplier.

Watch Dave Walsh energy expert in the War Room: The UK’s Irresponsible Energy Policy Will Lead To Blackouts (video) and economist Dave Brat, Dean of the US School of Business at Liberty University: The UK Has Chosen Ideology Over Good Policy, Will Bring Down Entire Government (video).

The seas around Europe are presently full of LNG tankers in demurrage because Europe doesn’t have the port installations capable of handling them. These supply line problems exist because in the postmodern world view everything is isolated. They don’t see how things are dynamic and connected. So yeah, let’s replace Russian gas pipe lines with tankers full of LNG. Problem solved! Right…

On the shortlist for the leadership contest so far Rishi Sunak (6 votes), Penny Mordaunt (6 votes) and BoJo (10 votes), who’s on the way back to London from the Caribbean. Someone yesterday complained that the parliamentary Tory Party keeps giving members the wrong candidates to vote on. Let’s see if any true Brexiteer throws his or her hat in the ring.

There are two schools of thought on the democratic credentials of this process: there are those calling for a general election immediately as changing horses twice in mid term is unheard of. On the other hand there are people arguing that a full term is five years. The globalist cabal can’t get their chosen Government leader in only after the General Elections have been held.

Sir Graham Brady MP, Chairman of the 1922 Committee just said the candidacy is open until Monday Oct. 24. If there is only one candidate, this person will become PM outright on Monday. If there are two candidates the election will go to a vote for the members. That election process must be completed by Friday Oct. 28.

For who would like to see a real chance for a true Brexit Government, there is only one man who can save the nation now. In his last night’s show Nigel Farage said he would be prepared to form a new right of centre party, but he says he can’t do it on his own. So jump to it @LozzaFox!

Oct. 20, 2022 GBNews: Mark Steyn Reviews the Day.

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