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We are heading towards a perfect storm and it’s all man-made. Joe Biden’s first move right out of the gate was closing the doors on the fossil energy industry. Next came two years of Covid-19 pandemic resulting in economic disruptions, misallocations and money printing on an unprecedented scale. This was followed by the West erupting in hysteria over the Russian military operation in Ukraine, mindless cheerleading for its opportunistic president as weapons and capital disappeared into a black hole. Then the world was hit by run away inflation and a self-created energy crisis. What else could go wrong?

July 28, 2022 The Duran: EU begins to crack as Germany braces for an energy disaster.

We begin to see the glaring abyss gaping between Moscow and the decadent West. The Iron Curtain has been replaced by the Reality Curtain. In the video Alexander Mercouris explains the stupidity and incompetence of the governing elites.

On the western side of the divide we see immature diversity and green energy ideologues making up their own truths on the fly. On the eastern side reality reigns based on power, actual economics, real commodities and hard currency. In the end there is no substitute for reality.

Europe is sweltering in the summer heat. While life without airconditioning may be uncomfortable, wait till the people start freezing on an empty stomach. The economy has come to a stand still as people are paying for energy bills. You can only spend a euro once. As food prices are skyrocketing under inflation and impending scarcity, spending money on any other commodities than energy and food is unthinkable.

As the Zelenskys do glossy photo shoots with Vogue, the elites may, repeat may come to the realization shortly of the predicament they brought on themselves and their hapless populations. They painted themselves completely into a corner with seven sanctions packages against Russia, demonizing Putin into the incarnation of the Anti Christ. As Zelensky is unmasked for the crisis actor that he is and the front in Ukraine is crumbling, there appears to be no way out.

Or is there? Mercouris is painting a political scenario emerging in Europe. As Germany is collapsing under a Government of Green zealots and Macron in France is exposed to a popular uprising, one solution would be blaming and firing the coalition in Germany. Followed by the European Commission, throwing Ursula, Josep Borrell, Frans Timmermans, Paolo Gentiloni and all the other incompetents under the bus. It is not without precedent. But do they have the nuts?

July 27, 2022 Alex Christoforou: EU symbolic 15% gas rationing. Lavrov, “get rid of regime.” Elensky Vogue photo shoot. 

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