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Gas pipe line Nord Stream 1 connecting Russia to Germany appears to have been sabotaged, while Nord Stream 2 suffered a gas leak. German officials believe that NS1 and NS2 have been the target of sabotage. The pipelines have been flashpoints in the escalating energy war between the EU and Russia. The German government has been in contact with the Danish authorities and said it was working with local law enforcement to find out what caused pressure in the pipeline to plummet. The German news outlet Tagesspiegel is reporting a German official saying: “We can’t imagine a scenario in which this isn’t a targeted attack. Everything speaks against a coincidence.”

Sep. 27, 2022 Alex Christoforou: Lagarde, EU outlook darkening. NS1 NS2 pressure drop, leak or sabotage at the 18:15 mark. Snowden RU citizen.

Danish maritime authorities had issued a navigation warning and established a zone around the Nord Stream 2 pipeline “as it is dangerous for ship traffic”, it added. The pipeline, which was intended to double the volume of gas flowing from St. Petersburg under the Baltic Sea to Germany, had just been completed and filled with 300 million cubic meters of gas when Germany cancelled it days before the invasion (source).

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The postmodernists is charge of Europe have their own kind of logic. On the one hand they are supplying Ukraine with arms and treasure, when on the other they are expecting Moscow to keep providing them with cheap Russian gas while pretending the West is a neutral party to the war. Connections do not exist in the postmodern mind, and their “logic” allows for contradictions, however insane they might be.

Berlin may be looking at Ukrainian special forces or a Russian false flag operation. But the Americans have long been against the Nord Stream pipelines. Trump famously warned Chancellor Merkel against the strategic stupidity of making the German economy entirely dependent on a single supplier. The radical Biden administration took a more martial approach:

Sabotage by climate activists is not likely. This is a professional job by state actors. Now you might ask yourself, cui bono?

Damages “well over a kilometer in diameter” is not going to be repaired in a day or two, or ever! So that was that, basically. The deindustrialization of Germany is now at a point of no return. The Post WW2 Wirtschaftswunder that took 60 years to build, is gone in a matter of 8 months!

Sep. 27, 2022 Gonzalo Lira: The Americans Declared War On Europe.

Gonzalo Lira has no doubt about it. He makes strong points. The Democrats in charge of the Biden regime have a mere six weeks left in office before they are voted out of Congress in a landslide.

With the wind blowing against their policies in Europe as well, a slight bout of panic is not out of the question. The US security state is known to have tapped Chancellor Merkel. It is not a stretch they picked up chatter in Berlin that indicates wavering on Russian sanctions in order to save the German economy.

It all calls to mind the recent oil refineries and food processing plants going up in smoke all over the place, most recently in France.

More in the Ohio fire here. There are so many, a coincidence is now highly unlikely. These facilities are great targets. Security is likely good but not as good as military installations. They are huge facilities with high probability of liability areas and blind spots. And there are ubiquitous.

April 24, 2022 Tucker Carlson: Food Processing Plant Sabotage?

By that time (April 24), eighteen US food processing plants went up in smoke. And now in France. On Sunday, the world’s largest fresh produce market in Paris, France caught fire and burned nearly to the ground (source).

Of course it is being denied. But these “debunks” are coming from the same people who are baffled as to the motives of attacks by “crazy men” with Islamic names on urban civilian targets.

We are back in reality. This guy has a point. Decisions matter again:

To be continued.