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PoMoWorld is the natural continuation of Pomonews.com with a few marked differences. Whereas the dual aim of PomoNews was offering a central hub in Europe for the ideas and of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, while at the same time providing a daily commentary on the news from a perspective that is critical of Postmodernism.

PoMoWorld on the other hand has a broader goal that goes well beyond Rand’s ideas and focuses on a number of other world views that — like Objectivism — are also based on the philosophic fundamentals developed by the classic Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Examples are Greek Orthodoxy and Thomist Catholicism in the Scholastic period.

For the Rand adepts it must be noted that Objectivism strictly adheres to reason based analysis; Rand, who grew up in Russia, detested anything smacking of mysticism. We, on the other hand are taking the position that Rand’s moral standard of Life while on point, is today no match for the powers of Nihilism that are destroying any value Western culture has left.

Clearly the world needs more than a single moral standard that is hardly understood at this day and age. It needs a grand narrative and what’s more, a process of re-mythification to stave off the forces of Nihilism and demoralization.

The format of PoMoWorld also differs from PomoNews.com. We are letting go of daily commentary on news and current affairs and will instead be focusing on in-depth essays and long reads. We also invite guest bloggers to write on a range of issues, as long as they touch on substantive matters in a meaningful way: signal, not noise.

We hope you will enjoy participating in PoMoWorld as much as you did in PomoNews, which existed from the summer of 2010 until April of 2022, when the Blogger platform’s cancel culture made it impossible to continue.

I am looking forward to the new era!

Kassandra Troy

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