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The EU-Atlantic protectorate of Kosovo, a.k.a. the Balkan Caliphate in the heart of Europe, was supported by the globalist community when it was carved out of Serbia in 2008. Kosovo registered its first Islamist political party in 2013. President Trump’s special envoy Ric Grenell tried to normalize trade relations between the two countries during his tenure. As the eparchy’s President and PM visited Washington DC late July 2022, very unexpectedly tensions with its ethnic Serbian minority are flaring up again. So what is going on, you might ask?

Aug. 1, 2022 Alex Christoforou from Belgrade: Kosovo clashes. Vucic calls for peace, Serbia ready to protect Serbs.

Update Aug. 5, 2022

Aug. 5, 2022 War Room at CPAC Dallas: Ric Grenell Breaks Down Evolving International Relations Of America’s Greatest Enemies And Allies.

Update Aug. 3, 2022

Meeting with EU Foreign Relations big cheese Borrel on Aug. 18. Vucic will attend. The Kosovars say they have not yet received an invitation. The license plate hot potato has been postponed till September. Update and comment by Alex Christoforou video from 20 minutes mark.

President Trump’s envoy Ric Grenell, former Ambassador to Germany and briefly Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, successfully negotiated four economic normalization agreements between Kosovo and Serbia.

Some Ukrainians are not wasting any time, calling for a second front in defense of Kosovo, which is run by someone Ric Grenell has no time for at all.

It is astonishing how fast this skirmish is framed in the same vain as the war in Ukraine. Grenell is setting the record straight: this has nothing to do with Russia! No, but it may have everything to do with Ukraine losing.

Not even one week ago Kosovo’s President and PM were having meetings at the Biden State Dept. with Anthony Blinken (more).

One week later they start picking a fight with Serbia., another one of their favorite enemies, after Russia that is.

NATO is losing no time either releasing a statement they are ready to intervene.

You have to wonder, what are these globalists up to?

Let”s see who this Kurti is and how he came to power. We can glean from an article in Politico that Kurti is a fanatical revolutionary who cut his teeth against former President Milosevitch of Serbia. He is described as “a former protester, prisoner and provocateur”.

“Inspired by leftist anti-colonial movements in the developing world, Kurti’s organization is quite different from the parties that have ruled Kosovo and other Balkan states in recent decades. And his stated aim is to smash their model of governing”.

“Since he got involved in politics some two decades ago, Kurti has been imprisoned by Serbia and placed under house arrest by Kosovan authorities. He has thrown tear gas grenades inside Kosovo’s parliament and been shunned by Western governments for fierce criticism of international officials and for advocating a referendum on merging Kosovo with neighboring Albania.”

In the election his movement won more than 26 percent of the vote. “Since his election victory, Western ambassadors in Kosovo have embraced Kurti and he has been on a tour of key European capitals to meet senior officials“. What could go wrong, you might ask?

Per Grenell, it was the EU that pushed the War Crimes Court in The Hague to charge former President Hashim Thaci with war crimes after 20 years of investigations, simply “because he was negotiating with Trump.” His successor is present President Osmani. Must be that pesky law of unintended consequences, or was it?

Aug. 1, 2022 The Duran: Kosovo crisis. Serbia’s warnings result in temporary de-escalation.

This is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the root of the problem. It is this globalist construct of so called ‘international law’ that does not even have a jurisdiction. The German Foreign Minister Baerbock this week in Athens caught the essence: “No one has the right to question national sovereignty”, she said. Sounds nice, but it’s awfully sloppy. Everyone has the right to question anything they want to! What she meant is that Turkey has no valid claims on Greek territory.

Apart of the glaring hypocrisy — as Mercouris explains in the video on Kosovo independence versus the right of self-determination of say, Crimea or the Donbass — the problem is this: individuals have rights, countries do not! They have interests. What nations can do on the global stage is dictated by their the power they are able to exert.

If countries would project their ‘rights’ whenever politically expedient, we would be in a permanent state of war and chaos. For example, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, because they could. But Turkey does not invade the Greek Aegean islands, as they would like to. Because Turley can’t. It just does not have the power geopolitically.

It’s a jungle out there, folks!

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